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The Same Nest

In the end his voice will sound without breath
but instead the flesh will sing.

Oratorio, 20 mins
Performed as part of “All Ears: A Listening Party” at Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sept 2018
Curated by Frances Barrett and Jess Olivieri

Performer/Composer: Marcus Whale
Musicians: Jacques Emery, Holly Conner
Lighting Design: Peter Rubie
Sound Design: Hayley Forward

"The Same Nest" takes its thematic germ from the Victor Hugo poem "Le Revenant". The poem is about grief - a mother losing a child to disease and giving birth to another. It's also about the replication of desire across time, space and body. In an extreme form of psychic projection, we're invited to wonder if the two offspring are in fact possessed by the same soul.

This work, led by sung and spoken text and accompanied by two improvising musicians, re-imagines an online relationship from eleven years previous and a recent crush as the same "revenant" reborn again and again. Over short, song-like episodes, "The Same Nest" attempts to make sense of this desirous possession and the source of its potency.

Audio Catalogue by Kate Britton and Hayley Forward.