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Marcus Whale

  Selected Discography
2021 The Hunger (Dero Arcade)
2020 Lucifer (self-released)
2016 Inland Sea (Good Manners)

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BV / Black Vanilla

A collaboration with Lavurn Lee (Cassius Select) and Jarred Beeler (DJ Plead)

Selected Discography
2016 B2V
2013 Black on Black on Black



  A collaboration with Adelaide's Travis Cook

Selected Discography
2019 Futurity (AWAL)
2014 Return (Two Bright Lakes)
2012 Die Young (Two Bright Lakes)
2011 Iconography (Two Bright Lakes)

Bandcamp, Website

Scissor Lock

A solo project (2005-2014)

Selected Discography
2013 Split EP with Cassius Select (The Finer Things)
2013 Degrassi Dream (3BL)
2013 Churn
2012 Intercess #1 collab with Guerre (Intercess)
2012 Jewelz collab with Thomas William (New Weird Australia)
2010 Broken English (HellosQuare)
2009 Summer Sketches split with Seaworthy (Curt)
2008 Thawing Voices (Sound & Fury)
2007 an untitled cd-r (Curt)
2006 Loops & Errata
2005 Santa Claus in the Love Image

Other Releases

2014 Localities / Tom Smith & Marcus Whale (A Guide To Saints)
2013 Wreck / Pollen Trio (Wood & Wire)